The Blinkless are a civilization of aliens who live in the depths of space on a planet called New Cornea. One day, their scientists discovered a burst of radio activity coming from a solar system far away. The solar system they found contained a planet called Earth, which was the source of the transmissions. 

They were able to descramble the radio waves and discovered radio shows, television, movies, phone conversations and social media feeds. They quickly became infatuated with the people of Earth.

Their society shifted, and they began to model their behavior, social systems, and economies after the Earthlings. Their surface-level perspective, though, meant they got a lot of things wrong.

The Blinkless illustrated universe allows us to laugh at ourselves through the perspective of the aliens who view us through the lens of our media.
The Blinkless NFT is not a security. Do not take anything on this website as financial advice. It is your responsibility to research any cryptocurrency before you decide to participate. We cannot promise you anything specific. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, subject to massive fluctuation, and can drop to zero at any point. DYOR!!
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