Passive Viral Minting (PVM)

Passive Viral Minting enables projects to mint NFT collections through word-of-mouth without the need for a website, allow list, or paid promo.
Download the code on GitHub

What is PVM?

Passive Viral Minting (PVM) is a minting mechanic which, when implemented, mints new NFTs passively as already-minted NFTs are transferred between wallets.
During the mint, when someone sends an NFT to a non-holder, it is instantly replaced in their wallet by the smart contract. This encourages sharing, organic growth, and includes personal incentives because the new NFT may be more rare than the one they sent.

Who is PVM for?

PVM is for NFT projects who understand the importance of growing your community organically - you can download the code from the link at the top of this page. We created PVM for The Blinkless Genesis collection and have used it to mint out several collections since then such as our Fully Dilated and Oculoids collections. We're happy to share with anyone who wants to use this tool for themselves!

PVM can help an NFT project who is already considering a free mint, make the most of the experience and give their project the chance of being seen and owned by as many holders as possible.
The Blinkless NFT is not a security. Do not take anything on this website as financial advice. It is your responsibility to research any cryptocurrency before you decide to participate. We cannot promise you anything specific. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, subject to massive fluctuation, and can drop to zero at any point. DYOR!!
Blinkless Terms & Conditions


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