Cross-Collection NFT Soft Staking

What is Optix?

Optix is an ERC20 token deployed to the Ethereum blockchain and built by the team from The Blinkless. The purpose behind Optix is to provide an ecosystem token for the Blinkless, encourage organic growth through networking with other NFT communities, and to add additional utility to projects outside of our ecosystem. We believe that a currency that’s adopted across multiple communities will have a strong and diverse holder base while providing ample opportunities for cross-promotion in the space.

What is "soft" staking?

“Soft” staking is similar to traditional staking in that you pay a gas fee to stake your token. However, with soft staking you are not required to lock or transfer your token during the stake. It remains in your wallet and can be freely traded. If you sell a token that is soft staked, then the stake will transfer to the new owner who will be able to claim the associated Optix.

Earn OPTIX every hour!

Stake your NFTs and earn!

"Soft" stake your NFTs from any collection we support and earn Optix! Rewards are calculated every hour and you can claim at any time. You can even stake in bulk from a single collection and claim all your rewards with a single click! 
Start Staking!

Crypto built for organic growth

Get your holders staking!

Our major goal with Optix, aside from its obvious utility as a cryptocurrency, is to bring NFT communities together. Our focus from the beginning has been on organic growth and we feel that growing organically is the best way to build an engaged community. With Optix, we have a platform to align ourselves with other projects who share our values and facilitate growth across all communities simultaneously.
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